Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ricky Leong - You are blacklisted!

First candidate on our exclusive Blacklist is the notorius and infamous Ricky Leong.

He is a property agent specialising in high-end areas such as KLCC, Bangsar and Mont Kiara. He is from the following realtor:

Sherwood Realtors
Estate Agent License: E31139
Address: No 19-2,Jalan Solaris 4,Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur 50480 Malaysia
City: Mont Kiara
Postal Code: 50480
State: Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-62049311
Fax: 03-62049411
Mobile: 012-393 5230

Why is he notorious? According to property agents, he is (in)famous for posting "To Sell" property classifieds online at way below market price when in fact he does not even have the unit available for sale from the owner in the first place.

Why you may ask he do this then? Well, according to informed sources from the same industry, his dirty little strategy is to get the attention of property buyers. Once a buyer sees his below market price listing and call him up, he will pretend that he has the unit and will check with owner. He will then proceed to call up potential sellers or other agents (who has the real listing) to entice them to sell because he can claim that he has serious buyer offering a firm price. Sometimes he will say buyer is a cash-buyer to try to get a quick sale from the seller. And to show the buyer's so called sincerity, he will present the buyer's 2% earnest deposit cheque to the seller on the first meeting. This 2% amount can be tens of thousands if the property is worth millions.

Basically, he is trying to pressure the seller to sell at his ridiculously low price by dangling the cheque as carrot. Sometimes he will also paint a bleak picture of the property in terms of depressed selling price to further pressure the seller.

Many times, when he fail to get the price lowered by the seller, he will call the buyer to tell them that the unit has been sold or not available anymore. This Rick y Leong strategy is called "lying through your nose".

So his simple dirty tactic is to push down the price of property to get the attention of a buyer and then proceed to find desperate sellers at the ridiculously low price so that he can close the deal fast and earn his commission.

According to the informed sources from the same industry, many times, property owners who saw his online classifieds will call him up to scold him and give him a earful for deliberately depressing their property prices. Arrogantly, his reply to all the owners and also his peers is "So What? I dont give a damn!"

You can see his unreal and unethical property listings at way below market prices here:



So to all property sellers out there - BEWARE!

If you choose to use Ricky Leong to sell your property, without you knowing, he is busy working behind the scene to depress your property price. He is not acting on your behalf in good faith. He is actually short changing you.

As for all the buyers who are attracted to his low prices advertisements, please dont waste your time with him. 99% percent of the time, he does not even have the property as claimed on his classified advertisements. Even if he does, would you want to deal with an unethical, immoral and unscrupulous property agent like Ricky Leong?

Stay tune for Candidate No.2 on our Blacklist which will be revealed soon. He practises the same dirty tactic as the infamous Ricky Leong.


  1. another news about him

    1. Austin, this is not good at all. You must learn from Jann Properties boss Annie Leong and Jarad Cheong, first they creat this blog and then tell all agent promote it! This is smart people do smart thing and kill someone just using words!!
      Jann Properties you are the best!!

  2. Dear Jann Properties,

    Thank you so much for created this weapon to kill his reputation in property market. I've listen to your brother Inlaw Sean cheong and sent this pages to some of the owner, after read the page they do believe what you have posted. With this if everyone keep sending this to all the owner, then he won't get anymore owner let him work on their properties anymore. Then we could close more deal!

    Make him become hantu, then we all will get more deal!

    Once again I really thankful to you Annie and Jared hard work to create this blog.

    Regards lisee (Cityspace)

  3. By the way Annie and Jarad,
    Can you put one or more name they? It's sound like we bad mouth him only, today one Mont Kiara owner say he don't believe it. Please do something to make everyone believe it once they saw this post?

  4. Hey, this is the real Lisee. The poster above "Lisee Cityspace" is an imposter and is trying to ruin my reputation with Jann Properties. Please disregard all above comments by "Lisee Cityspace" and if possible, delete them(site admin). If further clarification is required, i can be contacted at and 0123189683.

  5. Who is this ‘ Lisee Cityspace’? Why you use a fake identity to defend Ricky Leong? A Malay simpulan bahasa ‘ Ada udang di sebalik batu’ proves you are a gang of him! Are you the one helping him to do advertisement write-ups on the web?

    Your comments were more traces blacker.

    To ‘Lisee Cityspace’ and Kenneth: Please say less. Otherwise, more news about him will be spread in the town and this may add insult to his injury.

    I am not saying badly about Ricky Leong. I just want to advise all property buyers and sellers that there are many agents out there; no harm to you for trying few other agents instead of depending on him. You always have a choice!

    Whether is he a good or bad agent, no point to argue here. God knows it as well as his customers.

    Merry Christmas to everybody.

  6. 7 years later, he is still the same.

    Ricky Leong is now with Oriental Realty (Sri Petaling Branch) still using the same number

    We cobroked a RM 10,000 rental in May 2016. Although he did not directly undercut me, he directly contacted my client although I have informed my client to let me know if there were any issues w the unit (my client gave Ricky his name card for internet installation)

    It has recently came to my attention that Ricky proposed to show other units (RM 15,000 rental) to my client via an email exchange. I only found out when my client forwarded a bunch of emails to me to inform that he was not going to extend the lease.

    I have contacted Ricky regarding this matter and of course he ignored my message.

    So agents, just be aware. If you must cobroke w him, just be sure he has no chance to directly contact your clients AT ALL.

  7. I also kena before...
    Call him for co broke at town .. he say
    ... no problems.. he got many units there.. n he say got 2 to 3 good units to view tomorrow....n can fit budget..
    Lower than normal price (I tot desperate owners) which is a good deal..

    Than I happy la.. but next day call him.. he ask me call another agent..
    His partner...(which I co broke before but don't know about this ricky) for the arranging of viewing...

    I call her n she say.. no more units to view... all rented out..

    So I say.. Ricky say got.. yesterday n ask me call u for

    She say.. Ricky most likely never update his listing n never call her to ask to check too...

    So he jus promising without knowing any facts...

    Although not as serious as undercut..but goes to show his professionalism n way of conducting his businesses...

    I was very angry as I told my client I got good deal n good price..but in the end... can't deliver.. n my client think I am not serious in my work n over promise them....

    I have forgiven him as maybe he too busy to check the facts before promising.. sometimes agents too busy and may forget one or two things..

    But I never forget this issue..

    May he change his ways..

  8. Why isnt he reported to his Agency or the Board for unethical practices?

  9. There is an agent by name of Carson Chan, also using the same trick. He just replied property is sold. In fact it is still available but not the price Carson advertised. Date of event : 22 Sept 2017. (KL City Area)

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